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Female Footballers

Kassie Gray is the founder of Female Footballers, an organization developed to help young girls achieve higher playing levels and personal goals by focusing on the mental aspects of sports. She's brought on many Cal alums to help including Rachael (Gross) Thomas as the Content Coordinator, Haley Lukas as the Mentor Director, Rachel Mercik as the Digital Content Creator, Stephanie Wieger as the Programs Director, and Kelly Fitzgerald, Jordyn Elliott, Haley, and Rachel as mentors to players.


Women in Soccer

Courtney (Carroll) Levinsohn is the founder of Women in Soccer, a free network that connects ALL women who love the game. Tracy Hamm has also been a board member from the beginning. Regardless of income or geography, the Women in Soccer community is a hub of resources and ensures everyone can access the support of pioneering women and allies.

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Coach follows Tracy Hamm in her quest to earn the internationally renowned UEFA A coaching license. Tracy turned to Europe after her efforts to pursue a top license from U.S. Soccer were obstructed by requirements that candidates seeking waivers to bypass lower certification levels must have played three years of professional soccer. When she graduated from college in 2006, no professional women’s league existed in the United States.

Futbolistas 4 Life

This documentary takes you into the lives of two high schoolers: One is a DACA applicant who’s navigating the reality of his immigration status, and the other was born in California, but lives in fear that her undocumented parents may be deported. These youth take solace in the game of soccer that lets them, if only for a moment, put their worries on the sidelines. The film features the fighting spirit of their coach Dania Cabello, who uses her role to help players understand the inequities that exist in their community. A former professional athlete and the daughter of political refugees from Chile, Dania uses her love for the game and her family’s own immigrant experience to connect with and empower her players.

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