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the team

Image by Becca

Jennifer "JT" Thomas

 Chief Bear Officer 

Grizzly Bear

Rachael Thomas

 Bear Captain Coordinator 

Image by Elizabeth Meyers

Rachel Mercik

 Bear Design Director 


Kassie (Doubrava) Gray

 Bear Media Director 


 Sydney Collins ('21), Keely Roy ('22), Amanda Zodikoff ('21) 

Bears in Soccer Captain

 Kassie (Doubrava) Gray ’04 

80’s/90s Bearlights Captains

 Kim Brady ’94, Lisa (Cote) Luengo ’94 

00s/10’s Bearlights Captain

 AJ Minicilli ’04 

Pro Bears Captains

 Rachel Mercik ’14, 

 Genessee Daughetee ’14 

Legal Advisor

  Jenny Wendell Lentz ’07 

Financial Advisor

 Karen Fukumura ’85 (and 80s photographer) 

Content Contributors

 Jill Stephenson ’99, Trudi Sharpsteen ’85,

 Emily Kruger '13, Haley Lukas ’18

Lair of Legends Writers 

 Kath, Nike Sumo, Les, Tru, Sam, Maite, Tracy, Jodi, Yokers, AJ, Jill, Vasey 

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