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 Center Mid 

Grad Year:


Major & Minor:

 Amerinan Studies & Sociology 

Favorite Berkeley Eats:

La Burrita 

Favorite Study Spot at Cal:

My Couch 

Favorite Watering Hole While at Cal:


Favorite Cal Soccer Memory:

Cami and Ashley V jumping in Muller’s car in front of Clark Kerr as Muller and Shannon blasted 90s rap and they made the journey up the hill to Golden Bear for practice.

 Livia’s warm up pants getting stuck in the wheel of her Razor scooter and bailing hard, thus resulting in a ban of the 2004 class “Razor Gang” being able to ride them anymore. 

Savvy and creative on the ball and off the field, Cami Boswell is a “one of a kind” center midfielder and person who has spent the majority of her adult life serving young athletes and individuals in need.


After graduation, Cami spent 8 years coaching at FRAM Soccer Club in Los Angeles, her childhood organization. In 2014, she began working with the 1736 Family Crisis Center. It is here where she realized that she could also positively impact lives outside of the soccer world.


The 1736 Family Crisis Center is a non-profit agency serving low-income families in the Los Angeles area. Since 1972, the organization has responded to the growing needs of victims of domestic violence, runaway and homeless youth, victims of human trafficking, homeless families, homeless and at-risk Veterans, unemployed adults and youth, and other low-income community members in need of assistance. 


During her first three years at the agency, Cami completely committed herself to the mission and soon found herself running one of the Center’s domestic violence women’s shelters. In this role, Cami routinely witnessed tragic events and circumstances that she could never have previously imagined. At the same time, she recognized that she could be a force for change in these women’s lives. Cami admits that despite the difficult and traumatic circumstances under which some of these women join her shelter, the most fulfilling part of her job is “seeing the happiness and hope in our clients’ eyes when we help them start over.”

After serving as a manager of the women’s shelter for another three years, Cami transitioned to case manager and then to current position as Housing Supervisor for the 1736 Family Crisis Center.

We are beyond grateful to Cami for her daily service to society, as she helps create a safer and healthier environment for families in need by sourcing permanent housing options and steady jobs. Through her work with the 1736 Family Crisis Center, she helps her clients create change in their lives so they can begin down a path that is not burdened by the constant threat of violence. 

Cami currently lives in Torrance with her husband, Lenny, and their three rescue dogs, Rocky, Sammie, and Maddy. Cami and Lenny welcomed their first child, Londyn Rose Vallone on August 26, 2022. We are so excited to welcome another Baby Bear to the Cal soccer family. When Cami is not busy saving the world, she enjoys Pilates, learning about and eating her husband’s Italian cooking, traveling, and online shopping.

Written By: Amy Minicilli  '04

I had the pleasure of playing with Cami for ~15 years. From the day I started playing with her (at 12 years old), I knew she had a talent that was on a different level. Her technical skills and vision on the field were second to none.

Her ability to play the perfect long ball to someone’s feet and/or in stride were nothing but consistent and beautiful! More than anything, Cami had the passion and drive to be one of the best. Her passion and love for soccer is what set her apart from others.


She has deserved every accolade she has ever received. Now she focuses that passion and love to her husband, her family, her friends, her dogs, and her career. Simply put, Cami is the best!

Ashley Valenzuela Takeoka '04 

Woman Writing

I consider myself lucky to call Cami a teammate and a friend. She was always so humble despite her successes on the field. Her mastery of ball control and creativity made her fun to play with and hard to defend against. Her unwavering commitment to always being there for you and her ability to pick you up when you were down, are the backbone to a lifelong friendship. Cami truly is one of a kind.

Alea Kerch DeSantis '04 

Hilarious. Humble. Thoughtful. Loyal— great big heart. These are just a few qualities that immediately come to mind from knowing Cami for over 25 years. She was such a creative force on the field and I still have goals that she scored impregnated in my mind.  I see her as a center midfielder in her life now, Creating opportunities— by supporting, defending others, and making sh$& happen! Deserves all the recognition and more!

Kathleen Cain Hilton '04

I remember first seeing Cami in ODP at age 15. She had a way of dancing on the ball and could dribble through everyone. fast forward to our time at Cal where I found one of my favorite things about Cami: her comedic timing. Her dry English style humor often was used to lift your spirits and put life into perspective. She had a way of never taking things too seriously while simultaneously always showing up for the most serious times in our lives. Her friendship means a great deal to me. And I have secretly always looked up to her.

Kassie Doubrava Gray '04 

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