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Did you know that 6 of your fellow

work at Google?

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Roles range from helping to create internal learning & development curriculum & practices for employees & Google management on the People Operations team, to licensing content from media companies on the YouTube team, to leading user experience research for R&D projects focused on the needs of overlooked & underserved communities on the Google Research team, to working with small to medium sized businesses to consult & help grow with Google Ads on the Customer solutions team. We are based in 5 different Google offices, so we don’t run into each other in the halls, or do squats together in the work gym, but we are part of a special (& very select) Cal Soccer Family within a big, global organization. 

Want to know more about us?

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Margaret Healy

Class of 1985

Sarah (Conner) Calderon


Class of 2000


Stacy Shearer

Class of 2001

Courtney (Hooker) Heldreth

Class of 2008


Heather Walleigh

Class of 2018

Jill Stephenson

Class of 2000

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