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Newly Born Bears Fall 2022

Congrats to the new mama bears out there!!!


Join us in celebrating and congratulating the newest members of the Bear family!

Soli Joye Schmitt born March 9th, 2022 to Sierra and Casey Schlesinger

Annie Jane Owen born April 24, 2022 to Katie (Benz) and Patrick Owen

Obinna Eze Bockenfeld born June 6, 2022 to Nkechi (Kanu) and Cole Bockenfeld

Keira Wendell-Lentz born May 29, 2022 Jenny & Dan Lentz

Carmela Coco Caston born May 23, 2022 to Katie (Wilcox) & Joubert Caston

Tyson “Sonny” Wright Toboni born June 9, 2022 to Danielle (Brunache) & Paul Toboni

Left Photo: Paul (also a ‘12 Bear, played baseball), Patrick “Patty” (will be 2 in late July), and James “JC” (turned 3 in March)

Londyn Rose Vallone born August 26th, 2022 to Cami & Lenny Vallone

Luka Relja born December 4th, 2021 to Kristine Relja and Ryan Harris

Go Bears and welcome to the family!

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