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Newly Born Bears 2020

As 2020 came and went, (and maybe a few weeks into 2021 but who's counting) many updates on our social media timelines and news cycles surrounded covid, and the political & social climates of our world. We hope to bring some light, some hope, just as Amanda Gorman spoke so eloquently on.


"For there is always light,

If only we’re brave enough to see it.

If only we’re brave enough to be it."

(The Hill We Climb)


Join us in celebrating and congratulating the newest members of the Bear family!

Jackson - 6/26/20 to Kathleen Cain, Jason & Vivienne

Talia - 12/15/20 to Nadia Al'Lami & Rob

Isabel Rose - 10/20/20 to Kim Yokers, Tom & Elijah

Leah - 12/16/20 to Caroline (Lea) Coble & Chris

Peyton - 1/5/21 to Amanda (Glass) Stevens & Eric

Bowen - 2/28/20 to Liv (Mazura) Williams & Ryan

Henry - 1/21/21 to Lisa/Larry (Kevorkian) & Grant Daiss

Charlie - 5/7/20 to Alex (Morgan) and Servando Carrasco

Alexander (Xander for short) - 1/12/21 to Stephanie (Wieger) and Daniel Hicker

Go Bears and welcome to the family!

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